SA Electrical Special Offers and money saving advice

Electricity meter

SA Electrical is pleased to be able to offer special offers for all domestic customers.

Installation of security lighting.

Motion detecting outdoor security lights with energy saving bulbs. These exterior security lights only activate at nightfall and will switch on automatically when anyone comes into the protected area.
Prices from £130 fully installed.

New Consumer Unit

Installation of a new Consumer Unit (fuse board or fuse box).
Prices from £350.00. Includes good quality-branded materials, installation certificate, Part P Registration, testing and inspection.

Extra socket

New extra socket installed.
Prices from £60.00. Tested and certificated.

Loft light

Loft lights wired and installed.
Prices from £70.00. Tested and certificated.

Light fittings changed

Dated or damaged light fittings changed for new fittings. Customer to supply new fittings.
Prices from £40.00

All prices are a starting guide only,and are subject to the existing installation being of a sound nature. Exact prices available on application by quotation, please contact us for further details.

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Although the energy savings from each of these individual activities is very small, your energy and financial savings will grow in the long-term through reducing wastage and changing the habits of every household member.

  • Switch your utility supplier regularly: many of the best offers are only available to new customers.
  • Switch off lights when out of rooms.
  • Don’t leave appliances on stand-by or charge appliances unnecessarily.
  • Use the economy and half-wash buttons on washing machines.
  • Use a washing line to dry clothes, rather than a tumble drier.
  • Don’t fill the kettle too much when boiling water.
  • Utilize ‘one-pot’ cooking strategies and cook more than one dish in the oven at a time.
  • Defrost naturally, rather than using the microwave.
  • Use off-peak (night-time) electricity as it is cheaper.
  • Use rechargeable batteries where possible and practical.
  • Turn off computer peripherals when not in use and utilise power saving options.